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We offer wood, cedar, and pine fencing services in Visalia, CA and surrounding areas.

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Wood and Cedar Fencing in Visalia, CA


Visalia Fence Company provides all your wood fencing needs. Do you need to replace a wood fence? Are you in need of repairing boards or fencing? Wanting to build a privacy fence? We can build or repair any wood fencing.


Affordable Wood Fencing

Unlike other types of fencing which are relatively expensive, wood fencing materials are some of the most affordable in the market. Also, repairing or replacing a part of your wood fence involves dealing with only the affected plank instead of the entire section, which allows you to spend less. Since wood is a natural and abundant resource, Visalia Fence Company offers it alongside their fencing service at an affordable price.

Increased Property Value

Any home with a beautifully installed and maintained wood fence automatically increases in value. Home buyers have always loved homes with wood fences, and that’s why properties with wooden fences have increased values.

Long-lasting Fencing

With proper and routine maintenance, these fences can last a very long time. While they require routine maintenance, this is a fence you can be proud of to provide safety and privacy. If you want to enjoy such durability, hire the best local professional fence installers at Visalia Fence Company to handle your fencing by providing quality fencing installation and maintenance.

Adaptable Fencing

Everyone likes a fence that matches the color of the structures in their property and wood fencing is perfect. Whether it’s redwood or cedar fencing, it allows you to easily paint it to any color or shade that adapts to your property.


Maintaining and Caring for a Wood Fencing

There’s nothing more important after fencing installation than maintenance and upkeep when it comes to the typical durability of between 10 and 15 years for wood fences.

Wood Fencing Treatment

These fences need to be treated with a wood sealant. A water-repellent sealant protects the wood from rotting or cracking when it dries out. If you fail to paint your fence, then apply sealant on it yearly.

BUT if you stain or paint your fence, re-stain it every 3-5 years. At Visalia Fence Company, we can help you with the staining and sealing process for your redwood or cedar fencing.

Keep Branches and Other Objects Away from Your Fence

Trim away every overgrown vine or shrub that weighs down or retains moisture on your fence, causing the wood to rot.

Prevent Moisture

One of the best ways to maintain your wood fencing is to get rid of anything that renders your wooden fence moist because the moisture causes the wood to rot and can also cause mildew and mold. To prevent rotting and a short lifespan, get rid of any sources of moisture on your fence. You can’t stop the rain. However, you can keep sprinkler systems from continuously spraying the fence.

Make Repairs Immediately

At Visalia Fence Company, our expert fence installers are always readily available to help you address damage problems immediately even if they are a few individual panels. This usually happens when rotting, splitting, and wear-and-tear problems occur. With professional repair, we can restore your fence.


Wood Privacy Fence Styles and Sizes

At Visalia Fence Company, we provide exceptional privacy wood fence styles that you can choose from. Check a few of them out:

  • Dog-Ear Cedar Fencing: It’s a high privacy style that offers you a classic look and closes-off your back-yard, and can contain your kids and even pets.
  • Wood Picket Fencing: This is a traditional choice to frame your property and give you great curb appeal. It reflects the classic look of the colonial era.
  • Scalloped Wood Fence: What a great style to ramp up your curb appeal! This garden-like style gives your property a unique feel.

We also install Framed Wood Fencing, Good Neighbor Fencing, Privacy Fencing, and more. There are many options so give us a call today and we will come out for a free estimate and help you decide on a fencing choice.

Standard wood privacy fences are typically 6 or 8 feet in height, but feel free to request a custom design in any size and height from our installation professionals.


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